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Reported by Joe Birch

Taking Back Our Neighborhoods: Grandma Rose

A Memphis grandmother is giving new meaning to "Taking Back Our Neighborhoods."

She has single handedly created a summer camp for neighborhood children and has persevered in spite of her health.

A stream of children flows to the home of Grandma Rose for after school snacks and fun. 
"She's been like the neighborhood grandmother," neighbor Brian Redmond said.

Rose Gales lives near lots of children in Castalia Heights. It is a few blocks from the old Defense Depot where she dreamed up her summer camp.

"I grew up over here and growing up on this side of the railroad there was nothing for us to do," Rose Gales said.

So Grandma Rose called the nearby Kellogg's plant which will donate breakfast cereal; she called Barnes and Noble which will donate books; she called upon her neighbors to volunteer their expertise in teaching the building of go-carts and stilts, flower arranging, sewing and gardening.

"Right now the oldest person that has volunteered is 86 years old," Gales said.

Rose was disabled by a stroke suffered in January but more passionate than ever to share the wisdom of her years:

"I tell my children all the time: I'm somebody's Grandmother and I feel that I'm a valuable person because have something valuable to offer," Gales said.    

The camp will be based in Grandma Rose's old home cooking business next door to her home. She will charge $40 a week for those able to pay to buy liability insurance and other necessities and hopes to welcome 50 campers every day in June and July.

The camp is just for children in Castalia Heights.

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