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Reported by Nick Kenney

Carjacking victim regrets using gun

A carjacking victim says he is putting away his gun for good after shooting at a man that held him up early Tuesday morning at a Memphis gas station.

The incident happened at Halie's BP at Lauderdale and East Mallory, a gas station that Charles Todd regularly visits.

Early one morning, Todd said, he was pumping gas when a stranger tried to steal his black Toyota Tacoma at gunpoint.

"I was more angry than anything, because I got that feeling about how many people had stuff just took from them," Todd said.

A surveillance camera, one of three at the station, caught the entire incident on tape.  Video showed the suspect walking straight up to Todd, carrying a shotgun.

"He said, 'Pop! Gimmee Your Keys!" Todd said.

Todd gave up his keys, and then battled back, pulling out the .357 Magnum he always carries.

Using a gas pump as a shield, Todd fired three shots at his attacker. He never connected, while chasing the would-be carjacker into the night.

Given another chance, Todd said, he have done things differently.

"I really don't want to carry my pistol no more," he said.

Everyone survived the incident, but a pick-up truck is not worth risking a life for, Todd said.

Officials said Todd had a legal permit allowing him to carry his gun. Police have not located the suspect.

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