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Reported by Ben Watson

Pit bull puppy continues to recuperate

Bruiser is barely a year old but the pit bull mix has experienced a lifetime of pain.

"He's very emaciated, he's very thin," Dr. Steven Snow of Berclair Animal Hospital said.

But Bruiser is moving for the first time since surgery. Doctors have him heavily medicated to numb the pain. They said that is why this normally active puppy is moving so slow.

Doctors said Bruiser is making a slow recovery since a woman found him on the side of the road Saturday and brought him to the Berclair Animal Hospital.

"Before we gave him his pain medication he was out walking around he was wagging his tail a little bit it was the first time we've seen him wag his tail," Snow said.

It is a big step for the puppy doctors think was used as bait for pit bull fights.

Bruiser has bruises from his feet to his nose. Doctors say the greatest damage is to his mouth.

"Because a lot of the lip was torn off and what we're at this point doing with this dog is a lot of rehab involved," Snow said.

Veterinarian Dr. Steven Snow performed surgery to repair Bruiser's mouth. He said the dog's chances of survival did not look good when he was first brought in.

"And at that point to dog was so bad and the decision at that point we almost thought about should we euthanize him it was so bad," Snow said.

Doctors said the sad part is what happened to Bruiser will continue to happen to other dogs caught up in pit bull fighting.

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