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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Passengers give details of drama onboard Delta flight

Some of us might feel a little nervous during take off. Thursday evening, nearly 75 passengers headed to Atlanta did not feel nervous.

They were beyond that. They felt like the flight would be the last thing they ever did.

"The plane was kind of shaking, the engine was revving up and revving down, revving up revving down," passenger Kyle McGrevey said.
McGrevey was heading for a wedding in Atlanta. But as his flight began, he thought he might not see his friend tie the knot.

"A minute off the ground, the noise stopped and the plane dropped a good forty feet or so," McGrevey said.

So he whipped out his cell phone and sent out what he thought might be his last goodbye.

"I sent a text to my friend and said we might crash...have fun! I was pretty nervous. I thought we'd be going down especially, when the engine cut off. I could feel the plane drop. It seemed like it was definitely going down," McGrevey said. 

Airport administrators said the Delta flight headed to Atlanta had engine trouble, turned around and landed back in Memphis. The flight only lasted about 10 minutes, but to passengers, it felt like a lifetime.

"Everyone was panicking. A few ladies they were crying. A few of them were holding their hearts. It was quite scary," passenger Ruehu Ramakreshne said.
There were no injuries, and passengers said the pilots handled the emergency well. They even used humor over the speaker to calm everyone on board.

"'We're having engine troubles. We've lost an engine. Luckily we have two,'" McGrevey said the pilots told passengers.
Laughter, and relief spread through the plane, with passengers knowing they made through a dangerous and dicey emergency alive.

All the passengers we interviewed agreed the pilots handled it well and were booked on other flights.

Meanwhile, maintenance is checking the plane to find the cause of the emergency.

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