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Reported by Kontji Anthony

City Schools missing documents subpoenaed by FBI

It seems all the recent Memphis City Schools scandals are coming to a head.

And this time, it involves questions of misconduct, the FBI, and missing files.

The latest drama at Memphis City Schools involves missing documents subpoenaed by the FBI.

The conduct in question happened before Interim Superintendent Dan Ward took over.

He released a statement saying "it is certainly very unsettling to learn that official district records have not been found."

Inside school sources confirmed the district seems to have misplaced construction consulting contracts involving a $263,000 deal that led to the indictment of former Shelby County Commissioner Bruce Thompson.

But those aren't the only missing documents.

The source said a half-million dollar settlement paid to a bus contractor is no where to be found.

And contracts aren't the only documents the district can't find. District employees also lost track of the affidavit explaining to the FBI why they could not find the original documents.
Ward added in his statement that "the new records custodian in the district's legal office is continuing to search for the information."

Ward said he established a Chief Contracting Officer to keep close watch on these very operations.

Interim Superintendent Ward said the new contracts officers has put a number of protocols in place to keep this from happening again.

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