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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Judge in Scott case has a history with lawyers on both sides

Ashley Scott was found dead on Thanksgiving Day 2006.

Scott's husband is accused of beating the former Bolton High School teacher to death.

When Jeffery Scott goes on trial later this summer for the murder of his wife Ashley, his lawyer will walk into the courtroom with more in common with the Judge than just the murder case.

"I asked him to be on a finance committee I believe," Judge James Lammey said.      

In 2006, when Judge James Lammey was running for Criminal court, attorney Leslie Ballin was a part of his campaign and spoke in favor of him.

"On my first fundraiser he agreed to say some things for me and he got up and spoke about how fair a prosecutor I was," Lammey said.
But in the world of campaigns for judges, all attorneys seem to be part of the election process

"I asked Leslie Ballin and most of the lawyers that I know. In fact, every one of them lawyer that I know to help me with my campaign," Lammey said.     

"I believe I was on at least four other judges election committees," attorney Leslie Ballin said.

Ballin said attorneys help out other attorneys on campaigns and during Judge Lammey's campaign two years ago, he admitted to playing both sides.

"I remember being a supporter of his. I actually was on a political action committee that as a group we endorsed the judge's opponent and my name was on that list too," Ballin said.    

Judge Lammey said he takes his oath seriously and treats everyone fairly.

"I've had Mr. Ballin in here on numerous occassions and I know that I've ruled against him," Lammey said.

Judge Lammey said Karen Cook, one of the prosecutors on the Scott case, was also a part of his campaign.

He said he worked with Cook frequently during his fifteen years at the district attorney general's office.

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