HAZMAT crews discover possible meth lab in Memphis neighborhood - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Reported by Nick Kenney

HAZMAT crews discover possible meth lab in Memphis neighborhood

On a quiet city street, a quiet little house with an overgrown backyard with a two-car garage put a neighborhood on edge and brought police to Danville Road.

"They was here until six o'clock in the morning. Actually I was so nervous I couldn't sleep," neighbor Erendira Juarez said.

Juarez suffered through a sleepless night. Not fifty yards away, directly across the street, hazmat crews uncovered all kinds of chemicals. They were the makings of a crystal met lab.

Action News 5 knocked on the front door several times. No one ever answered. Neighbors said there is good reason, too. They said the front door never opens. They do not believe anyone even lives there.

"You never see no people, like back and forth during the morning, or day, or night. Nobody," Juarez said.

Nobody has been arrested, either.  Police only said they are investigating after receiving a complaint about the discovery of several items typically used to cook crystal meth.

A discovery that was frightening to neighbors like Juarez.

"I never expected anything like that in the neighborhood and I was afraid because they say those chemicals can cause a big explosion and destroy half the neighborhood, maybe the whole block," Juarez said.

A block, typically quiet, now buzzing with the bizarre find in the two-car garage behind crime scene tape.

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