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Reported by Justin Hanson

Copper thieves raid construction site in Covington

Covington police caught two young men stealing copper from a construction site last week while out on patrol. 

Late last week, police said, two men broke out windows and took the copper tubing and damaged refrigerator lines from two lots in a new subdivision north of Covington.

The theft did not sit well with the homes' builder.

Paul Stout is building the home.

"Aggravating, frustrating, you have to pay a lot of money for this stuff," Stout said.

Stout said he is out about $1,600 and said the two who stole the copper are not likely to get a tenth of what it is worth. 

Police said it is unusual to have this type of crime in the normally quiet neighborhood.

Detective Pam Ford with the Covington Police Department said, "We have a lot of elderly people on these sites here.  We have nice homes and its very quiet. We don't usually have calls out here that often."

Covington police said they were actually in the neighborhood to serve a warrant when they stumbled upon the two copper thieves.

"They actually got into a foot pursuit and that's when they noticed they had the copper and stuff back there that had been reported the day before that had been stolen out of one of the vacant units over here," Ford said.

Stout hopes this incident will send a message to would be thieves.

"You're ruining your lives. How are you gonna benefit society acting this way," Stout said.

Covington police say the 17-year-old is back in the custody of his parents. There is also a warrant out for the 18-year-old suspected in the crime.

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