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Reported by Anna Marie Hartman

Poo pick-up a thriving business for Mid-South man

Veterinarian David Hanon loves his three dogs, but not the business they leave in his back yard.

"The whole back yard is just a giant mine field," he said in a recent interview.

About a year ago, Hanon decided he needed a little help cleaning up the mess his furry friends were leaving behind.

"I don't like to pick up poop," he said.

Enter Lee Bowling, owner of "On Doody."  For a fee, Bowling and his staff will pick up what your dog leaves behind.

Bowling bought the business from a friend in 2005.

"We grew 70 percent the first year," he said.

Bowling and his staff now pick up poop for almost 300 customers.

"People these days, they either don't have time to do it, or honestly, they just don't want to do it," he said.

When Bowling first started in his business, he thought he could just use a couple of trash cans to collect the stinky waste.  Soon, he realized just how much dog poop he planned to collect.  A growing clientele equated to nearly 1,000 pounds of poop per week.

"We've actually got a dumpster that we use now," he said.

According to veterinarian Dr. David Hanon, clearing your yard of waste is healthy for your family and your pets.

"When the stool sits out for a while, it will grow bacteria and other stuff," Hanon said. "Dogs will sometimes eat it, or walk in it, and lick their feet, and pick up pathogenic bacteria."

Since dog food is meat based, the waste dogs leave in yards can lure unwanted critters, like rats and raccoons, into your yard.

At On Doody, pick-up prices start at $11 per week, no matter how many pounds of poo. 

"We say we're the cheapest family and marriage counseling out there," Bowling said.

Because when someone's being paid to do the dirty work, there are fewer family fights over who's On Doody.

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