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Reported by Lori Brown

Southeast Shelby County schools placed on lock down

A teen put an east Shelby County community on edge early Tuesday morning.

The commotion began at Southwind Middle School at around 8:00am Tuesday, when police say a suspended student showed up at school.  His father, Tommy Denton, had already called the school and said his son could have a handgun.

"(We) Immediately brought the student in (and) searched individual," said Shelby County Schools spokesperson Mike Tebbe. "He had no weapons on him. While he was in the office, he did bolt from the building with school resource officer in hot pursuit."

Because officials believed the boy might have been armed, Southwind Elementary, Middle, and High Schools went on lock down as police searched the area.

The boy made it to a cemetery located approximately a mile from the school.   As the boy's father returned to his home on Kylan Street, he saw his son, and believed the boy fired a shot at him with a gun.

Moments later, officials asked nearby neighbor Alexses Price if they could search her shed.

"They found him," she said. "I was as surprised as anyone."

Officials found a gun in the boy's possession, but it was unloaded.  The teen told investigators that he didn't fire a shot at his dad...he threw a brick.

Investigators later determined no shot was fired.

The teen is in Juvenile Court facing eight charges, including assault, threatening deputies, burglary and evading arrest.  The Department of Child Services will also review the case, to find out if the teen was kicked out of his house on Sunday, or if he ran away.

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