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Reported by Nick Kenney

Classmates of Lester Street victims march for those affected

Tuesday, classmates and friends of the Lester Street Massacre victims remembered the two children who died and honored the three survivors.

Hundreds of grade school children marched from their school to the site of the deadly attack.

It started at Lester School with hymns of hope and steps of solitude.

With class in session, more than 60 elementary school students marched straight off campus, straight down the street, and straight toward 722 Lester Street and the scene of mass murder.

Principal Cedrick Gray not only supported the march, but also walked alongside with a message for his students.

"Just because this happens in our neighborhood - happened in our neighborhood - doesn't mean it's us. It doesn't define us. but we rise above it and do something positive," Gray said.

Lester School officials said they wanted to take the opportunity to teach students a lesson they could not learn inside a classroom.

A lesson taught on the front lawn. A field trip to see and feel firsthand.

"It's not okay to come in and take what does not belong to you. Here we begin to heal. Here we begin to grow," Lester School teacher Zinker Williams said.

Growth bringing with it a flood of emotion. Some crying, some comforting.

All carrying a life lesson not only back to school, but also back to reality.

There were some parents on the walk, too.

They said they know some adults who could have learned a lesson on this field trip.

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