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Reported by Nick Kenney

Peeping Tom caught in Cooper-Young neighborhood

The neighborhood seems calm enough, but Memphis' Cooper-Young neighborhood has been stirred up by what's been happening recently at a house on Cox Street - not inside, but outside.

From work Wednesday, Melesha Staples explained her problem.  Since November, a peeping Tom has been showing up and performing a sexual act on her front porch.

For months, he got away with it.

"I didn't want to turn the lights on," she said. "I didn't want to go out.  You wondered constantly if somebody's looking in your window.  You're constantly going to the window."
According to police reports, the peeping Tom struck three times during the month of April alone.  Each time, he was looking straight through Melesha's window, and each time, he left behind DNA on the windowsill."

The last time, he was caught red-handed, after Staples and her neighbors took matters into their own hands, installing a night-vision camera just above her front door.

The camera recorded everything.  Staples called police, and officers made arrived in time to catch the peeping Tom a few blocks away.  Investigators collected tapes recorded by Staples, and the DNA evidence from her windowsill.

Soon after, Michael Killion was charged with stalking and indecent exposure.

"You just don't need people like that walking around your neighborhood," Staples said.

Now, her whole neighborhood is on alert, with a flier ready for hand out in hopes Cox Street can get back to normal.

Wednesday, Michael Killion was out on bond.  We stopped by two addresses for Killion - the one listed on his police report and another, but neither was valid.

Killon is supposed to be in court Thursday because Staples took out a protection order against him.

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