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Reported by Kontji Anthony

FedEx pairs with Orchestra to create meaningful experiences

FedEx is hoping to deliver more than packages. The company is helping develop leaders.

It is part of a new program that focuses on teamwork and creativity.

It was a pairing of unconventional proportions.

The Memphis Symphony Orchestra called FedEx to fulfill their mission. To create meaningful experiences through music.
"That means not just working with schools and non-profits.  We do, but also working with corporations in town," Ryan Fleur with the Memphis Symphony Orchestra said.

The two groups spent the past year putting together the daylong program:

Activities to explore leadership, teamwork, and creativity.

FedEx brought in their people.
"Bringing managers in to understand leadership and teamwork and creativity in a symphony environment and how does that relate to our environment," FedEx employee Anita Angelacci said.

The Memphis Symphony Orchestra brought in theirs.

"We each have our role to play in creating a really world-class product.  So, we are hoping that by getting to know how the symphony operates FedEx can be that much more effective in fulfilling their mission," conductor David Loebel said.

The conductor let a FedEx manager take over his baton during Beethoven's 7th Symphony.
"Whether it's the violins or the bassoonist, the clarinets, the horns, how each individual component then has to come together to deliver the great sounds that is the entire orchestra," FedEx employee Neil Gibson said.

And they compared notes until everyone had the hang of it.

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