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Reported by Ben Watson

MLGW Assistance program designed to help "working poor"

MLGW offers help to customers who have trouble paying their bill as long as the customers are making at least $15,000 a year.

People who contacted the Action News 5 newsroom complained they called the hotline for the Mayor's new utility assistance program and were told that they didn't make enough to qualify.

The residents said hotline operators stated applicants must make at least $15,000 dollars a year to be eligible.

When contacted, city officials confirmed what customers said.

Program operators said the 15-thousand dollar income guideline is something the federal government put into place. They said it is mandatory Memphis follow those guidelines.

Program coordinator Sara Lewis said she understands the residents frustrations, but the program was designed to help the "working poor."

People who are not eligible for any "other" kind of utility assistance.

Lewis said they are encouraging people who make less than the required income to seek out MIFA and other assistance organizations.

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