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Jarvis Greer

Road Dawgs Tour Stops in Memphis

The Mississippi State Football Program is still basking in the afterglow of its' Liberty Bowl win over UCF.

Most of the Beaming is coming from Head Coach Sylvester Croom, who's taking full advantage glad handing it with Bulldog Faithful tonight at the Racquet of Memphis.

It's part of the school's Road Dawg Tour, which takes Croom all across the Mid-South drumming up support...

Support steadily building after States' 10-3 win over the Knights back in December.

Croom says:

"The best thing about the Bowl game is it shows people around the country we are a good, quality program..and it shows the ideals we put forth to be the right way to run a system and to develop young men since we've been here over the last four years."

There are 15-stops on this years' Road Dawgs' Tour, including trips to Birmingham, Atlanta, and Houston.

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