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Reported by Janice Broach

Signs of the massacre still show through fresh paint on Lester Street

A family's fury came out Wednesday in court. Relatives of the six people who died on Lester Street lashed out at the man police said committed the crime.

Jessie Dotson is charged with murdering his brother Cecil, three other adults, and two of Cecil's children, as well as and wounding three other children.

On Wednesday, Dotson waved his right to a preliminary hearing.

A grand jury must now decide whether or not to indict Dotson -- something even the suspect's attorney says will probably happen.

Just a little over a month after the massacre, the home on Lester Street is on the housing market.

There are still people driving by the house and just looking at it.

The house on Lester Street is now being completely renovated for the next tenants.

The bullet holes that were in the living room are now covered over, but the police markings, showing through the fresh paint, are still visible on the walls and in the bedrooms and bathroom.

Police said the four adults were shot first. Then the assailant moved to the bedrooms and bathroom, where he stabbed the children.

The house, larger than it appears from the outside, has plenty of doors. But with everyone located in the front of the house, there was only one way out -- the front door.

Despite the horrific events associated with the house on Lester Street, the owner said he does not think he will have any problem finding a tenant.

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