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Reported by Janice Broach

Memphis teen struck and killed by car

A Memphis teen was struck by a car and killed Thursday afternoon near Sherwood Middle School.

Officials said the 13-year-old boy ran out into the street as he was being chased by a dog.  He was transported to Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center in critical condition, and died a short time later.

The  marks on the street show where the 13 year old boy was hit.

"I saw a little boy running from a dog and a dog hit him I mean the car came by and hit him," witness Chastity Johnson said.

The 13 year old was walking home from school with his friend Detovionte, who still had tears in his eyes.

Detovionte said his friend Justin didn't listen and went up to the dog and it started chasing him.

"He went in the street, I heard a loud sound,  and he was 10 feet in the air. And he hit the ground head first," Detovionte said.

"A female driver 23 years old  stayed on the scene waited for police to get here. Gave us a statement as to what happened," police spokesperson Monique Martin said.

Martin said the woman who called police will not be charged.  As for the dog, animal control showed up at a house near the spot where the student was hit. The officer talked with the dog's owner then left and came back and waited for police. They got the dog, led her out, and put her in the truck.

Witnesses said they will never forget the horror of what they saw when Justin was hit by the car.

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