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Reported by Jason Miles

Town of Etowah picks up after tornado sweeps through town

The tornado ripped apart homes in Etowah as it tore through the town.

People said they heard the tornado, saw a huge funnel cloud, then took cover if they could.

Storm victims are already getting to work cleaning up what a tornado left behind.

For Nickie Davis, it is not much.
"Yea. It is all gone," Davis said.

She would have been inside her mobile home if her husband had not called with a warning.

"He said get out, there's a tornado heading towards there. Get out now!" Davis said.

She said she made it as far as the end of her driveway when her truck was  picked up.

The tornado, picked up a lot. Like cars and trucks, and tossed them around like toys.

Dale Morgan's four-month old shop was destroyed.

"They knew something was happening. Got in their vehicle and went down the road about a quarter-mile, turned around and came back and they saw it," Morgan said.

House after house is wrecked. Personal effects strewn all over surrounding farm land.     

The tornado even flipped an RV. Fortunately, no one was inside.

The tornado took it's toll on the tiny town.

But folks here say they are fortunate that no one was seriously hurt.        

Only 300 or so people live in Etowah.

This tornado has touched everyone is some form or fashion.

If people didn't get hit themselves, they are helping their neighbors clean up.

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