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Reported by Ben Watson

Students plant memorial for student hit by car

Monday, students at Sherwood Middle School planted a tree in honor of Justin Summers, a 13-year-old boy who died just a block from the school last Thursday.

Justin was killed by an oncoming car after friends say he jumped into traffic because a dog was chasing him.

Monday, students said they hoped the tree could help them deal with the grief Summers' tragic death left behind.

"It's closure for the kids," Sherwood Middle Principal Eric Cooper said. "It's our way of allowing the kids to say goodbye to Justin."

Ken Moody, a worker at the Memphis Animal Shelber, said shortly after the boy was hit, workers picked up the dog and brought it to the shelter.

"We wanted to make sure that, if this dog did do what he's accused of doing, that it didn't happen again," Moody said. 

Moody said the dog didn't have its basic shots, and the owner got a ticket for not having proper license identification. 

Now, he said, they are waiting on a police investigation into the boy's death to determine the next step.
"This is an investigation that police are spearheading, and so its kind of like evidence, so we are going to the dog for evidence until such time whatever the case how the case proceeds," Moody said.

Monday, from the home where police say the dog lived, a memorial marks the spot where the boy was hit.

The dog's owner refused to go on camera, but a representative said the family was sorry about what happened.

Funeral arrangements for Justin Summers are set for Saturday at Saint Paul Baptist Church on Holmes Road.

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