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Rapping teacher helps students learn math

Cartoons like 'Schoolhouse Rock' are stepping aside for a new generation of educational music, in the form of a Michigan rapper.

27-year-old Daniel Joseph Duey, aka DJ Duey, is crunching up his own brand of educational flow.

Duey's first CD, 'Class Dismissed," is getting rave reviews from students.  One of the rappers former teachers, "Dr. Elizabeth Johnson of Eastern Michigan University, is now one of his biggest fans.

He would sit in the back and kind of slouch over and put his hoodie up, and he was always writing," she said.  "I thought, 'What's he writing?' because he wasn't on task. He was back there writing rap songs!"

Duey said his music helps students connect with difficult problems.

"The connection is amazing," he said.  "You can really tell they're intrigued by it."

Click here to visit Mr. Duey's Official Website.
Click here to visit TeacherTube.com.

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