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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Parents speak out at board meeting about Hollis F. Price principal

Citizen comments attacked Hollis F. Price principal Daphne Bealsey at Monday's School Board meeting and her reported outing of two gay students. 

"Two respectable honorable young men were put in a horrible situation. They were outed to their parents with no positive support offered in the school system left to the ridicule and death threats of their peers." former student C.J. Johnson said.

The ACLU filed a complaint last week claiming Beasley created a "list of couples including homo couples" back in September of 2007. The principal then called the parents and told them about the list and informed them "that homosexuality would not be tolerated at Hollis F. Price."

"There are a number of ways that the situation could have been handled and the way it was handled was totally inappropriate," parent Natasha Burnett said.

"School officials cannot predict what sort of negative impact that is having on that young person's life," parent Elizabeth Goodman said. 
But there were supporters of the principal and her actions in the audience.

"I think she should keep her job as principal at Hollis Price. The academics are out of the roof out here. I heard that in the board meeting tonight we got policies and policies have to be followed," parent Sarah Carpenter said.
And that is one of the issues the ALCU wants to change. The policies. They are also demanding an apology , a reprimand of the principal, and money for the students.

All board members could say was that the board attorney is in active negotiation with the ACLU attorney.

According to the ACLU complaint, Memphis City Schools has until Friday to respond to the demands or the ACLU threatens to file suit.

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