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Reported by Jason Miles

Only on 5: alleged victim in Juvenile Court sex scandal speaks out

Shelby County Juvenile Court was- home for a time in 2006 to a 15 year-old run-away who says a supervisor kept much more than an eye on her.

"He touched on my thighs and felt on my bottom, my butt," said Jazzmine Coleman.

Coleman is living with her mom again in Seattle.  Both of them have filed a lawsuit against Shelby County Government, Juvenile Court, and former supervisor Henry Hodges.

In the suit, Hodges is accused of sexual abuse even after Jazzmine was released.  She claims he even bought her a bus ticket to get her back from a foster home in California.

"I took the Greyhound and he sent me some money," said Jazzmine.

Back in Memphis, Jazzmine says Hodges gave her booze, dope, and that's not all.

"We engaged in sexual activity," she said.

"Sometimes there are allegations," said Juvenile Court chief counsel Larry Scroggs.  "They always have to be supported and have to be substantive," he added.

Scroggs says Hodges was disciplined after sending Jazzmine a bus ticket.  However,  he wasn't fired until last month.  It was too little too late according to Jazzmine's attorney.

"That fortress they've built around that place that's been impenetrable for so long has got to come down," said Jazzmine's attorney, Jay Bailey.

He said he is investigating other possible claims against Hodges.

Hodges himself did not answer Action News 5's knocks at his door.  The county attorney will defend the lawsuit in court.

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