First Aid Products of the 21st Century

Treating scrapes, bumps and bruises is much easier nowadays, thanks to new inventions like Band Aid Liquid Bandage. It stays put for about two days, even after getting wet.

"It does seal the wound from the air, from germs, from bacteria, and from dirt that may contaminate the wound." says June Snelling with The American Red Cross.

Traditional adhesive bandages are now pumped up with medicine right in the pad. Some even contain antibiotics. Others are treated with Benzocaine and an antihistamine to stop pain and itch.

Forget about messy Calamine lotion. You can buy a patch to get the itch of poison ivy and bug bites.

And for muscle strains or sprains, there's a new space age bandage that has coolant in the fabric. Just wrap the liquid ice cloth around your injury, and within minutes menthol and alcohol work to safely cool your skin.

Right now, you can only find the liquid ice wrap on the internet. Just click on