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Reported by Nick Kenney

Good Samaritan quickly turns into carjacking victim

In a place where car wrecks are common, Susie Barken said she's never seen anything like what happened after a wreck Tuesday night.

It began late Tuesday evening near the intersection of Holmes and Holbrook as a nasty car wreck.

Before paramedics arrived, another car pulled up, driven by a local nurse.  As she attempted to help victims of the accident, she turned into a victim herself- of a carjacking.

"I just come down to the scene, and I see this other lady laying on the ground here, and she was asking about her keys," Barkin said.

The nurse's car had been stolen by one of the men involved in the wreck.

"This is the first carjacking we've ever had," Barkin said.

The nurse was dragged several yards as her car sped away.  Investigators said she was not seriously hurt, but neighbors were shocked someone would take advantage of her kindness.

"I guess you gotta be cautious," Barkin said. "You gotta think about if that was your child, or if that was you, what would you do in that situation?"

An open-ended question for the next time two cars don't make it all the way through Holbrook and Homes.

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