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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Action News 5 Investigators research past of superintendent finalist

If Memphis City schools is looking to Dr. James Williams to be the next superintendent, they may want to examine his background as we did and how he left Dayton City Schools.

"You're not going to please everybody but I hoping I can bring everyone to a win, win situation and we can have a consensus on where we're going," Dr. James Williams said in 1999.

That is back when Williams was suggesting cuts of more than 300 teachers from the Dayton public schools after a state audit uncovered the school system was more than twenty million dollars in debt.

He spent 19 years in Dayton Ohio's school system. During Williams eight years as the superintendent, teachers went on strike, a state audit revealed a 20 million dollar deficit in 1999 that eventually led to his departure, and his buyout package with benefits cost taxpayers nearly $272,000.

"Looking at his track record at that time we look at the candidates totality of the candidates background," Alvin Johnson on Ray and Associates said.    
Ray and Associates said 54 candidates applied to be superintendent of Memphis City Schools and Williams was one of the top five.
"These are the five that we made a decision that we wanted to present to the school board," Johnson said.  
A school board faced with considering candidates, including Dr. Williams, who will lead Memphis schools to better days ahead.

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