Craig Walker Update

The reunion of Christy Walker and her kidnapped sons, Landon and Logan, captured the Mid-South's hear in May 2001. The boys came home after their father was arrested on bank fraud charges in Brazil. The FBI says Craig Walker sold the family home in Germantown by having another woman pose as his wife, kidnapped his sons, and headed for South America. Without the bank fraud charge, the FBI says Walker might have gotten away with kidnapping. "Parental kidnapping charges aren't extraditable under the treaty Brazil and the U.S. have in effect." says Philip Thomas with the FBI.

Walker has remained in the same jail at the Florianopolis, Brazil police department since his May 2001 arrest. Now, more than a year into the extradition process, the agent in charge of the Memphis FBI office says Walker has considered delay tactics. "He has entertained marrying a person from Brazil in an effort to circumvent the extradition process. He gets extradited whether he's married to a Brazilian or not." says Philip Thomas.

Turns out Walker's 19-year-old girlfriend caused him to get caught. The FBI says a jilted acquaintance provided the e-mail tip on Walker's where-abouts. Now Brazil's supreme court must decide on Walker's extradition back to the Midsouth. That could happen in the next six months. When Walker sets foot on U.S. soil, he'll also face international parental kidnapping charges that apply here, but not in Brazil. "We want to send a clear message that if people want to kidnap their children then it's going to be taken very seriously by the United States government as Mr. Walker experienced to date." says Thomas.

If Walker is extradited to the U.S. and convicted, he faces up to five years on the bank fraud charges and three more years in prison on the parental kidnapping charge, plus fines.