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Reported by Ben Watson

Woman who was carjacked while trying to help shares her story

Allison Perry says she heard frantic screams coming from a crashed car at the intersection of Holmes and Hillbrook.

"And a lady had fallen out of the car and she was yelling help my baby help my baby," Perry said

Perry, a school nurse, said she ran past the wreckage to the woman and begin trying to help.

That's when Perry said she noticed the driver of the wrecked car was acting strangely.
"And the man was walking around saying I got to get out of here," Perry said.

By then other drivers had stopped. That is when Perry said the man Memphis Police have identified as Andy Compton was trying to take her car with her 13 year old son inside it.

"And my son said you can't take my mom's car and he was trying to keep the car in park and the guy was trying to put it in drive and at that time I reached over to try to take the keys out the ignition because my son was sitting in the car and the guy was driving off with my son and the guy overpowered my son and I," Perry said.

Perry was knocked to the ground as the car sped away with her son still inside.  But she says just seconds later her son came running back down the street.

"I asked my son how did you get out  and he said he told the man let me out and the guy stopped the car and let my son out," Perry said.

Perry said she is really disappointed the suspect would take advantage of her as she was trying to help. But she said this experience will not detour her from reaching out again.

"Exactly. I'm a school nurse and you hear a woman crying help my baby help my baby and that's what I do take care of kids at school so you know that's why I stopped," Perry said.

Memphis police are still searching for the suspected carjacker identified as Andy Compton.

If you know his whereabouts, call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.

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