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Reported by Jason Miles

Carjacking suspect taken into custody


A Memphis Police spokesperson said late Friday afternoon that a suspect wanted for carjacking a Good Samaritan's car after a traffic accident earlier this week has been taken into custody.

Memphis Police Lt. Joe Scott said by email Friday that Andy Compton was in custody.


A two car collision and a woman screaming for someone to help her child was too much for Allison Perry to pass up at a Memphis intersection Tuesday night.

"I'm a nurse -- that's what I do," she said.

The school nurse is still too shaken to show her face.  But she was willing to talk about what happened over the phone.

"I just stopped -- I just stopped," said Perry.

Memphis Police said 30 year-old Andy Compton carjacked Perry as she tended to those who were injured.  Her 13 year-old son was still in the car.

"And the guy overpowered my son and I and took off in my car -- and I fell on the street and scraped up both my knees," Perry recalled.

Her son escaped as the carjacker sped away.  But the man police have fingered can't get away from his criminal past.  We looked it up on-line.  Shelby County Criminal Court records show arrest after arrest for some serious crimes. Compton also has several outstanding warrants.  The latest is related to the Carjacking and Aggravated Kidnapping.  Given his criminal history, police say the last place he probably wanted to be was the scene of an accident.  In fact, Allison Perry may have heard him say so before he stole her car.

"And the man was kind of walking and saying I've got to get out of here," she said.

Perry's car was recovered.  Now, police just want to catch Andy Compton.   

Among the police searching for the suspect is Allison Perry's husband.  He happens to be a Major with Memphis Police.  Some will tell you not to do what she did.  But Perry tells us she would do it again.

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