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Reported by Janice Broach

Fullilove crash photos show extent of crash

courtesy Thaddeus Matthews courtesy Thaddeus Matthews

Janis Fullilove did not show up for an afternoon city council budget committee meeting. Action News 5 went to her house to talk with her about her weekend accident in Tunica County.

But her husband said she was not at home.

He said she is very upset and has contacted an attorney.  He also said she does not remember the accident because she was knocked unconscious 

The woman she hit, Yolanda McWherter from Paris Tennessee, said by phone that Fullilove ran a red light on Highway 61 and hit her. 

Fullilove earlier in the week described the accident as no big deal.

But the photos of her car tell a different story. There is quite a bit of damage. A look at McWherter's car also shows extensive damage.

McWherter said her and her 7 year old daughter were injured in the crash. 

"She pushed me into a third car," McWherter said. 

She said the Mississippi Highway patrol has contacted her about the crash.

"The police report is ready. That's basically all I know now," McWherter said.

Yolanda McWherter said her attorney plans to get the report.

A spokesperson for the Mississippi highway patrol said the report will not be released until at least  Monday. 

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