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Reported by Justin Hanson

DeSoto County leaders hold rally to encourage voting

As voters in DeSoto County prepare to head back to the polls Tuesday, leaders there held a rally Friday to encourage everyone to vote.

Candidates Greg Davis and Travis Childers, the two men at the center of Tuesday's First Congressional District run-off election, were not present at the non-partisan rally.

However, more than 30 DeSoto county businesses were there to encourage voting.  The idea came after business leaders realized voter fatigue could soon take its toll, unless voters came together to encourage one another. 

Tuesday marks the fourth election in less than a year for the Mississippi's First Congressional seat.   

"I think people are tired of voting. They are experiencing voting fatigue, but we can't get tired of voting and just stop because we're tired of the process," Hernando Mayor Chip Johnson said.

"A lot of voters do not know there's an election Tuesday. They may be confused...I did this before.  So, we feel like mainly its just a message of a reminder to vote," businessman Donnie Chambliss said.

The mayors of Hernando, Horn Lake, Southaven, and Olive Branch are even pitching getting into the spirit

Officials said the mayor city gets the most voter turnout Tuesday has agreed to grow a beard.

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