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Reported by Anna Marie Hartman

Students prepare for prom in Earle following tornado

One week ago, tornadoes tore through Earle Arkansas. Now, residents are on the road to recovery.

It is a big day in the life of any high school student.  But in Earle, Arkansas the annual prom is most significant this year.

"We was concerned about having a prom or not having a prom," senior Tora Selvy said.

Just days after tornado's tore through their city, it was decided that the Earle High School prom must go on.

"After a storm has gone through in life, totally we must pick up the pieces and continue on," teacher Claudie Forrest said.
Right after lunch Friday, students began clearing the school cafeteria for Saturday night's big dance.  Decorations were already being assembled before last week's disaster.  School officials said the best medicine on the road to recovery is to help students regain a sense of normalcy.

"Hey, it gets morale back up number one.  Let's them know it's gonna be okay we're moving forward and we're gonna graduate, that's the other thing they wanted to know," principal Rickey Nicks said.
Earle High School was spared from any damage and the school year got back on track when students returned to class on Wednesday. The prom might help them escape from the devastation left outside their school.

"Its helping cause you come out and have a good time and get it off your mind," junior James Murry said
"People might look back and it hurts.  So look forward to new things and better things," senior Daniel Hurst said.

If only for a night students hope memories of the big will overshadow what they will remember about a dark day in Earle.

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