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Reported by Anna Marie Hartman

Creating a "Man Cave" retreat in your home

In all things there is compromise, including home décor.

Now, more than ever, Mid-South men are taking over the spare bedroom...even the garage, and turning it into their own lair.

Rachel Cupo and Gary Narvid just bought their first home together.
"Yeah, we've been here a little over a month now and it's great," Narvid said.

But during the merger of home interiors some of Gary's stuff had to go.

"He does have a collection of beer steins that are in the closet," Cupo said.
The couple worked out a compromise in a wood-lined addition in the back of their Midtown home that took on it's own personality. 

"The instant reaction was man room! From every guy and even a couple of the girls, man room," Narvid said.

These two actually stumbled onto what has become a popular design trend.  A masculine retreat better known as the Man Cave. 

Interior Designer Rebecca Rivalto said the woman of the house no longer rules the roost when it comes to décor decisions.   
"You know men nowadays are just not going to stand for that, they want their rooms to be, you know, comfortable for them," Rivalto said.
"I wouldn't go so far as to say a neon Titan's logo or anything like that which 5 years ago I would have put up in a heartbeat," Narvid said.

Precisely why Narvid is mulling over more tasteful choices for the future of his man cave. 

Designers say ladies, giving your guy his own space actually enhances a relationship. 

"You know what?  If a guy's happy generally the woman will be happy," Rivalto said.

Old fashioned advice for modern day home owners.

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