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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Road to Recovery a long one for Union County residents

Manning Wooten is a man's man. He is straight forward with his messages to looters and was clearly concerned about his family's life and his own one week ago.

His hideout was the bathroom for his pregnant daughter and his four year old grandson.

"Had them covered up with blankets and bean bags and everything else we could think of with a split second to put over him. 'Course it scared the little boy to death," Manning Wooten said.

When they got out of their bathroom, Enterprise, Mississippi looked like a war zone. Roofs down, metal debris thrown everywhere, trees torn apart, and the Wooten home for 37 years destroyed.

"Our children were raised here. All the years that their friends came in and out all the time just enjoying it here," Mary Wooten said. 

But the road to recovery is a long one for the Wooten's and other families in Union County Mississippi. Many are considering moving elsewhere. But for now, the Red Cross is helping out.

"They gave us a gift card for groceries for 75 dollars for a family of two. They also offered to pay rent for a deposit for a month to put us up," Mary Wooten said.
A story of survival, continuing the cleanup with memories of Mother Nature's wrath everywhere.

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