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Reported by Nick Kenney

Testimony begins in Tennessee Trooper's murder trial

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A man already convicted of murdering a Tennessee State Trooper testified against his friend and co-defendant in court Monday.

Trial began Monday for Alejandro Gauna, accused of first degree premeditated murder in the death of Trooper Calvin Jenks.

A co-defendant already convicted of facilitation of first degree murder, Orlando Garcia, took the stand against Gauna. Prosecutors claim Gauna planned to kill a cop during the trip from Texas to Tennessee.

During testimony, Garcia said Gauna told him, 'We might have to do a cop,' while they were discussing concerns about their trip.

The dashboard camera in Jenks' cruiser recorded the events at the time of his murder.  Prosecutor said they planned to use that video during the trial.

The video, shown in Garcia's trial last December, shows Garcia standing at the back of his vehicle as Jenks approaches Gauna who was still sitting inside. Seconds later, the video records two loud pops, which authorities say were shots from a .25-caliber handgun fired by Gauna.

Defense attorneys argue the tape will clear Gauna of charges of pre-meditated murder.

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