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Reported by Nick Kenney and Steven Russell

Witness says Gauna pulled gun on him after Trooper's death

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As the trial of Alejandro Gauna, accused in the murder of Tennessee State Trooper Calvin Jenks, stretched into the second day, the prosecution continued it's case by calling a number of Tennessee Bureau of Investigation experts to the stand.

The agents all testified to the evidence gathered from the scene and the chain of command the authorities went through in gathering the evidence.

Also called to the stand were the two men Gauna and partner Orlando Garcia met at a rim shop in Millington. The two men, Henry King and Shamus Pringle, both testified they took Garcia and Gauna to Nashville.  Pingle testified he had no knowledge of Jenks' shooting during the trip.

"He told me he had gotten his partner in some trouble he shouldn't be in," Pringle said. "I was wondering what happened to them."

While in Nashville, Pringle testified that he had a gun pulled on him by Gauna, who then asked him if he was carrying a gun.  Soon after, Pringle said, he left the hotel with some marijuana from Gauna and began his trip home to Millington with King.

While on their trip home, they were pulled over by police. They were told of Trooper Jenks' death and given a description of the suspects authorities were looking for. King and Pringle recognized the car as that of Gauna and Garcia's and notified authorities. At that time, Garcia and Gauna were both apprehended.

Defense attorneys counted that Pringled had not testified in Orlando Garcia's trial that Gauna had pulled a gun on him.

During Tuesday's hearing, Jenks' father kept his head down during witness testimony.

"You just gotta try to hold yourself in check," he said. "There's a time or two where I'll close my eyes and say a silent prayer, just to try to contain myself to try to get through it."

Prosecutors rested their case late Tuesday afternoon.  Defense attorneys said they would not be calling any witnesses.  Closing arguements are expected to begin Wednesday morning.

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