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Reported by Lori Brown

Constituents react to Fullilove's admission of medical problems

Monday, Memphis City Council member Janis Fullilove said she would seek therapy for an undisclosed medical condition.  Fullilove admitted using pills to ease the back and neck pain she has been experiencing.

Tuesday, Fullilove's constituents in Memphis were quick to react.

Fullilove constituent David Tate said he knows first hand the difficulties of taking pain medications.
"If you're on pain killers you need to take it easy," he said. "You can hurt yourself on medication."

Tate said pain killers are the reason he stopped driving.

"If you're on pain killers, sunshine can make you blank out...see spots," he said. "It can happen."
Earlier this month, Fullilove was involved in a car accident in Tunica that crunched her car and sent a little girl in the other car to the hospital.  Speculation about possible abuse intensified after news reports that Fullilove was arrested in the past on DUI-related charges.

Fullilove denied having a problem with alcohol.

"No, I'm not dependent on alcohol," she said.
Monday, officials with the Mississippi Highway Patrol said they would not file charges against Fullilove.

Constituent Jonathan Hayes said he hoped Fullilove would through with her pledge to get help.

"It's more than just saying it, she needs to do it," he said. "Not just say it, because she's a political person. She really needs to get help."

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