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Reported by Jason Miles

Fullilove obtained duplicate of Driver License after original taken away

Memphis Councilwoman Janis Fullilove was arrested back in March in DeSoto County and charged with suspicion of DUI.  Fullilove admitted to refusing a sobriety test during an exclusive one-on-one interview with Reporter Jason Miles.

"Ignorance of the law is no excuse -- now I know the law," said Fullilove.

But she may have broken another law just four days later.  Here's what we know:

Fullilove's license was taken away by DeSoto County deputies the night of her arrest, which is standard procedure.  Four days later, she applied for a new license back in Tennessee at the driver's license station on Shelby Drive.  Action News 5 obtained the official paperwork.  In it, Fullilove claims her license had been "lost."  There is no mention of an arrest.  DeSoto County Sheriff Bill Rasco says, quote, "she was trying to beat the system."

Fullilove's colleagues on the Memphis City Council are not yet passing judgment.  They simply say their prayers are with her.

"We hope that she has a speedy recovery," says Myron Lowery.

Councilman Lowery also serves with Fullilove on the Charter Commission.  Once upon at time, the two worked at WMC.

"This is something she has to deal with," says Lowery.  "She's admitted she will deal with it and we're prayerful she will recover soon," he adds.

Fullilove seemed sure of it..

"And that's a promise," she said.

These new revelations might complicate things.

The Tennessee Department of Public Safety has not determined if Janis Fullilove will be charged with falsifying this application.  They have yet to receive official notice from Mississippi that her license was withheld.  There's no word on why the Mississippi Highway Patrol did not know about it either -- after Fullilove's wreck two weeks ago in Tunica.

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