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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Similarities persist in federal cases of John and Edmund Ford

John Ford and Edmund Ford have much in common.  They are brothers, former elected officials, and both have been accused of corruption by the FBI.

"Maintaining his innocence every step of the way, and that's what we're gonna do."

That was a quote from attorney Michael Scholl in 2006, defending former state senator John Ford before he was convicted of taking $55,000 dollars in bribes for favorable legislation as a state senator.

Scholl is singing an almost identical tune two years later with Edmund Ford.

"Edmund Ford has done absolutely nothing wrong and has broken no laws," he said Tuesday.

Edmund Ford is accused of taking nearly $9,000 in bribes in exchange for political favors and votes on the Memphis City council.

Scholl dismissed chatter that the cases are similar.

"This case, compared to Senator John Ford's case, is a completely different case," he said.

It may be different, but here are the similarities:

  • Both John and Edmund were in public office when they were charged.
  • Both are accused of taking bribes in exchange for political favors
  • In both cases, the FBI has video and audio recordings of the reported bribes

"That was a totally different case. A totally different investigation," Scholl said of John Ford's trial.

But what would really make this case totally different would be a favorable verdict for Edmund in court, keeping this Ford out of prison.

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