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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Broken Wing: Pottery-making pilot serves as inspiration

Sheri Marshall has a passion for pottery. She teaches students to create with clay at Coldwater High School, just off of I-55 in Northern Mississippi.

"With the application of heat, the clay is changed forever," said Marshall.

Marshall inspires her students, and just about everyone else, with her positive attitude and determination.

"I think when you get pressure or you feel heat from people, that makes you more determined than ever to work hard at something and be good at it," said Marshall.

But pottery is not her only passion. Marshall is also a pilot and computer-based flight instructor at FedEx.

"I wanted to learn to fly from the time that I was a child," said Marshall.

What makes Marshall truly remarkable is that she has accomplished all this with only one arm. She lost her other arm at the age of 3 in an accident with a washing machine.

"My arm was literally twisted off," said Marshall. "I'm really lucky to be alive."

Marshall admits daily tasks aren't always easy.

"Even something so simple as getting dressed or handling a buffet line," Marshall said.

She admits people haven't always been fair.

"People make their mind up how you are based on how you look before they ever get to know you and I think that's really a mistake. It would be nice if they gave you a chance first, then made up their mind," said Marshall.

Had she focused on others' judgments of her, Marshall's dreams would never have taken flight. Her mission now is to show others that you hold the ability to shape your own destiny.

"Because of my physical impairment, I was told that I could not," said Marshal. "I have a mission, and that mission is to let people know that you can achieve your goals as long as you are patient and persistent."

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