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Reported by Justin Hanson

Bartlett man drives Model T to save on gas

BARTLETT, TN (WMC-TV) - With the average price of gas creeping up to nearly four dollars a gallon, Bartlett resident Bill Butner is going to extremes to keep his fuel expenses down. 

Butner is tired of paying so much money to fill up his gas tank.

“With my SUV, it costs a hundred dollars to fill up the gas tank, so I'm having to change from my SUV to the Model T," Butner said in an interview Friday.

A Model-T in MINT condition, that only costs ten bucks to fill up, and will go nearly one hundred miles on a tank of gas. 

Butner says in the early 1920's, his family in Lauderdale County took a trip from California and back in this same Model T.

An accountant by trade, Butner is also a well known harpist.  He uses his Model-T, named Leaping Lizzie, to get to and from musical performances.

“This old car runs on regular gas and has only 4 cylinders," he said. "So if you will see, I'm putting my harps in to the back of the Model T, and going to play in my Model T, because its cheaper."

Butner admits the car has its drawbacks.  When he goes to fill up, he has to use a stick to measure the amount of gas he puts in the tank. 

“These cars don't have any gauges," he said.

Rain can also be problematic.
“These old Model T's do not have windows or curtains, so we have to outrun the rain if there's any way possible," he said.

Butner loves driving his Model T, and hopes he doesn't have to resort to other drastic measures to save money.

“If it gets any worse, I may have to go to a bicycle or a horse- a horse and buggy would be cheaper," he said.

The car has been in Butner's family since his grandfather purchased it in 1922.

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