Save Money on Clothes

Rick Doble has an on-line shopping newsletter. He shares his advice on how to buy everything cheaper, including clothing. Rick's number one rule when shopping for clothing: plan your purchase. Go shopping only when you need to buy something. Rick also suggests knowing which lines are store brands. For example at J.C. Penny, Worthington for women or Arizona for young men. They're less expensive especially during sales.

"You can buy store brands at 70% off even below cost, even below what the stores paid for them. This happens regularly at the end of the season on store brand clothing." says shopping expert Rick Doble.

Another tip, mix and match designer items with less expensive ones and instead of buying a whole new outfit, Rick suggests whatever you buy should go with what you already have.  And build a new outfit around an article you already own. That's one less piece you have to buy.

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