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Reported by Lori Brown

Community unites for "miracle baby"

The miraculous survival story of 10-month-old Olandrea Elliott, dubbed the"miracle baby", touched the hearts of Mid-southerners.

On Saturday afternoon, residents of Olandrea's home town of Holly Springs, Mississippi, raised thousands of dollars to help pay for her medical expenses. The Marshall County community raised the money by cooking up 600 lbs. of catfish and 5,000 hush puppies.

"We feel overwhelmed," said Frankie Mitchell, the baby's mother.

Olandrea became trapped inside her grandparents' home after a gas leak caused an explosion. The baby was trapped for 15 hours before firefighters found her alive.

Cousin Michael Elliott, who himself is recovering from severe burns, was holding Olandrea at the time of the explosion.

"When we opened the door up, the whole house exploded. I ended up on the other side of the house, behind the house in my neighbor's yard," said Elliott.

Elliott had no idea where little Olandrea went.

"I feel like God pulled me out of the fire, and pulled her out of the fire," he said.

Sheriff Kenny Dickerson says he's not surprised at how the entire community teamed up to raise thousands of dollars for the Miracle Baby's medical expenses, and to help her family rebuild their lives.

"Close knit community of all races, a lot of good caring people in Marshall County, always. Have been here 35 years -- always been that way, hope it will continue to be that way forever, " said Dickerson.

Perhaps one day baby Olandrea will be one of the people who helps keep it that way.

If you'd like to make a donation to help the miracle baby, call (662) 252-1311.

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