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Reported by Janice Broach

Fists, pizzas fly during student field trip

A fight broke out Monday morning at a Cordova entertainment complex during a student field trip.

Witnesses said police cruisers swarmed The Incredible Pizza Company on Germantown Road shortly after the fight broke out.  Inside, students from four Memphis high schools, at the restaurant on a field trip, seemed to be out of control.

Ellis Shotwell, an employee at the restaurant, said the fight was between rival neighborhoods.

Employee Ellis Shotwell says the fight was between rival neighborhoods.

"It was rival neighborhoods- south Memphis versus east Memphis- gang related. I don't know what gangs they was in."

Ashley Maxie said she was inside the restaurant with her children when the fight broke out.

"They just started throwing plates and trays and knives and everything," she said.

Meanwhile, employee Michael Hollie's nose was cut during the melee.

"I got hit with a plate," he said.  "We were trying to pull them off to the front trying to get them out of here, and they break out again.  I'm trying to pull guys off each other...there's girls fighting, swinging at me.  Next thing I know, here comes pizza and plates and everything flying.  One busted, and hit me in the face."

Police said 13 students were injured, but no one was injured seriously.  Citations were issued for two 18-year-olds, but it was unclear if they were students.

Employees said the students did have adult supervision.  The incident remains under investigation.

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