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Reported by Lori Brown

Police search for driver in West Memphis hit-and-run

Police in West Memphis, Arkansas are searching for a driver who hit a 7-year-old boy while he riding his bike, and then took off.

Timmy Davis was riding his bike through a West Memphis neighborhood last week when witnesses said a speeding car ran into him.

J.D. Tanner said the driver kept going.

"Dude lost control," Tanner said.  "Hit the dude...kept on going...left the scene.  Little dude just standing there."

Monday, nearly a week after the crash, Timmy Davis was nearly fully recovered from the crash.  But it was hard enough to cause the car's side mirror to fall out and break. 

Timmy's dad was upset the driver didn't turn himself in and is still out there.

"The had to know," he said. "Knocked the mirror off.  Had to know."

The Davis family said they hoped the city of West Memphis learns from the crash and works to make their neighborhood safer for the many kids who live there.

Timmy's mother, Sasha Davis, said the intersection where Timmy was hit should be a four way stop instead of a two way stop.  She also wants speed bumps on the street.

"People around here just flying, act like kids aren't even around here," she said. "Need to put signs up 'children at play' to let everyone know."

Davis says her son doesn't want to ride his bike anymore, but she's thankful the crash wasn't worse.

"Hope whoever it is has a conscious or a child of their own and feels an obligation to come forward, because they could have hit him so hard he could have died," she said.

Police say the car that hit Timmy was a Gold Chevy Cavalier, with it's right side mirror missing. If you know anything that could help find the driver, call Crittenden County Crime Stoppers at 870-732-4444.

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