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Jarvis Greer

Grizzlies Get Ready for NBA Draft Lottery

Last year it was get Greg Oden with the #1 pick or Bust.

And of course there was great disappointment when they drew the #4 pick.

This year there are TWO guys who look like can't miss NBA stars...the Tigers Derrick Rose and Kansas State's Michael Beasley.

So this time around they'll be happy with the first or 2nd pick.

But that will be no easy task...the odds of that happening are only 28 percent.

The Grizzlies had the 4th worst record this the Miami Heat, Seattle Sonics and Minnesota Timberwolves all have better odds.

But as we saw last year...that doesn't really mean much.

The Grizzlies were favored and the Portland Trailblazers snuck in there instead.

Where ever they draw, will they draft based on what the team needs or something else???

Wallace says:

"my preference is to always draft the best player available because the NBA is all about impact players. Whatever needs you have, have a funny way of working things out over time. Lack of a star never works its way out."

Rose or Beasley would certainly fit that bill.

Here's a look at the probabilities for the Grizzlies...

They're assured no worse than the 7th pick.

About a 28 percent chance of getting in the top 2.

42 percent top 3.

51 percent top 4.

And an 83 percent chance of a top 5 pick.

University of Memphis Guard Derrick Rose, and Kansas State Forward Michael Beasley are the Stars of this draft...

But, Wallace says, all in NOT lost if Ping Pong Balls don't allow that to happen.

  Wallace there are very good players that could be taken number-3 through 7 who could have a huge impact.

  Namely: Brook Lopez of Stanford...a 7-footer with proven back to the basket scoring skills.

Then there are guards Eric Gordon of Indiana, Jarryd Bayless of Arizona, and O.J. Mayo of USC..

All with size and strength and the ability to score the ball and defend.

  Plus, PAC-10 Player of the Year Kevin Love of USC...

Wallace says he'll be in the back room with the Lottery Machine when the Ping Pong Balls actually drop just before 7pm Memphis Time..

Forward Rudy Gay will be the Front Man with the rest of the Team Reps on Stage..

It worked for Portland last year..

The Blazers had the 6th worst record in the League, but with guard Brandon Roy out front, Portland was awarded the Number One Pick, and took Greg Oden in the 2007 Draft.




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