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Jarvis Greer

Players Look to Cash In on NBA Lottery

The NBA Draft Lottery is NOT just a bonanza for the teams... It's also one for the Players..

The Top pick in This years' draft will make anywhere from $12-to-$14-Million Dollars over 3-years.

That salary scale goes down to, at Least, a Million Dollars a year for the final pick in the first round...

NBA Draft.Net has former University of Memphis Guard Chris Douglas Roberts going as the 22nd pick to the Orlando Magic..

The Website lists CDR's strengths as his midrange game, ball handling, and his craftiness at getting the ball in the his ability to play defense..

As far as weaknesses, the site says CDR needs more weight, but could just be one of those guys, like fellow Detroiter Rip Hamilton, who's just naturally skinny..

With the the Number-2 Pick in the Second Round, NBA has the Tigers Joey Dorsey going to the Sonics.

Strengths'.: Dorsey's intimadating Interior Presence...ability to do the Dirty Work and Defend with the ability to run the floor and finish at the rim.

Weaknesses:, lack of a true Offensive Game.....and bad free throw shooting, which could make him a liability at the end of games.

Other possible second round picks...

NBA has Mississippi State Point Guard Jamont Gordon going to Indiana with the 41st pick.

Former West Memphis High and Arkansas star Sonny Weems to defending champion San Antonio with the 47th selection..

And Miami, with the 52nd pick, taking SEC Player of the Year Shan Foster of Vanderbilt.

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