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Reported by Janice Broach

Family and friends pray for Somerville police chief

It's been a tough two days for the small west Tennessee town of Somerville, where Police Chief Kenney Feathers was critically injured Saturday night during a charity wrestling match.

Monday night, a couple of hundred people, including Somerville police officers and Fayette County Sheriff's deputies, showed up at the Pit Stop Restaurant for a candlelight vigil for the beloved chief.

Angie Sanders, whose family owns the Pit Stop, last talked to Feathers Saturday morning.

"He was cutting up as always, getting ready to go to the wrestling that night," she said. "The next thing we know, he's in the hospital and we don't understand why."

Feathers was wrestling at a charity event for Somerville resident Matt Kelly, who was injured when a tornado hit Union University earlier this year. Jeffrey Niles, who sponsored the event, said Feathers had wrestled at other charity events.

"He walked to the ring, he walked back to the ring, went outside and collapsed," Niles said.

Niles said he talked with people who saw video of the match, who could not see anything that would cause Feathers to collapse. Feathers was air lifted to The MED, where he remains unconscious..

Somerville Mayor Bob Morris saw Feathers in the hospital.

"I got to see him for 20 minutes," Morris said. "He's just sick. That's all you can say. He's in the Lord's hands. He'll come out of it or be with the Lord."

Friends of Feathers hope their prayers will be answered.

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