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Reported by Justin Hanson

Somerville residents rally in support of injured police chief

Although the family isn't saying for certain, several Somerville police officers believe Police Chief Kenny Feathers suffered from a brain aneurysm that lead to his collapse after a charity wrestling match Saturday night.

Feathers remained in critical condition Tuesday at The MED.
Since Saturday night, Feathers has been unconscious, leaving many in Somerville hope for the best.

"I'm gonna pray in my prayers that God will do His will because we want him back," said Somerville resident Tom Day. 

During a candlelight vigil Monday, Somerville residents began collecting money to help the Feathers family.  

"It just felt like it's the right thing to do for the community to be able to show off their support and love," Somerville City Administrator Eddie Yaun said,

Yaun visited Feathers and his family Monday, and said Feather's wife Tina was happy to see visitors.

"She's encouraged. She said, 'Don't hesitate. I want you to go back and see him.  He would want you to come visit him,'" Yaun said.

Feathers moved his legs a bit Tuesday, leaving family members to say they are waiting patiently to see what God is going to do with him.

Many said Feather's accident was bringing his family and the community together.

"They met groups from all over that he had touched, but none of these groups knew each other, and now through this they're all getting to know each other and coming together," Somerville Mayor Bob Morris said.

If you would like contribute to the Kenny Feathers Fund, make your donation to the Somerville Bank and Trust Company, Post Office Box 879, Somerville, Tennessee, 38068.

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