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Reported by Janice Broach

New family moves into the site of the Lester Street Massacre

The Memphis house that was the location of the Lester Street Massacre will soon be home to a new family.

Effie Peete is moving into the house at 722 Lester the with the hope it will bring a lot of good memories for her, her husband and granddaughter.

"This is a nice family home for me and my family," Peete said.  "This is a nice neighborhood."

The house on Lester Street was the place where six people, four adults and two children, died after being shot, stabbed, or beaten to death in early March. The brother of one of the victims, Jessie Dotson, is charged with the murders.

The living room where the adults were murdered and the bedrooms where the children died are where Effie Peete's furniture is now being placed.

Tuesday, Peete said she knew about the murders.

"I heard what happened with the family here. The family does have my deepest sympathy and I will keep them in prayers," she said.

Peete added that her friends have expressed concern about her moving into the house.

"Some people have said things about the house, but I told them it's going to be all right," she said.

Peete said she found out the house was for rent when she saw a story on Action News 5. She hopes to a have wonderful life there, without forgetting that a horrible thing happened in the house.

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