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Jarvis Greer

Lottery Not Lucky for Grizzlies, Again

Talk about NOT catching a break...

2-straight years in the NBA Draft Lottery...2-straight years of picking worse than their finish.

The Memphis Grizzlies will have the 5th Pick in the June Draft..

The scene was one of guarded optimism at the Flying Saucer Downtown..

Grizzlies fans filled the building to watch the Draft Lottery, and hope for a big change in luck.

Coming off a terrible season that produced the 4th worst record in the League..the Grizzlies had a slim chance to claim either the Number One, or Number 2 pick..which would bring Franchise changing players in either Derrick Rose of Memphis, or Kansas State's Michael Beasley..

But, once again, Memphis takes one right in the Ping Pongs.

Grizzlies fan John Shea says:

"The worst team needs to get the best pick and so on down the line. But year after year we don't get a good pick."

Grizzlies Head Coach Marc Iavaroni offers this:

" Think the fans are smart enough to know this is just a game of chance and you move forward. Now we just have to find out who the next Dwayne Wade is with the number 5 pick. "

The Chicago Bulls draw the #1 pick...they had only a 1.7 percent chance of landing on top.

You can bet they will take home town hero and Memphis Tiger star Derrick Rose.

Miami will pick second.

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